The Asian Business Club is an MBA student-run organization at Boston University which provides an environment for those interested in the Asian business community to network and socialize with others of similar interests.  Our definition of Asia is broad – truly any part of the Asian continent.  This includes East and Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Israel, the Middle East, and everything in between.  We aim to provide networking opportunities for our members so that they may exchange information, share experiences, and discover new opportunities through their new contacts.

Our goal is to engage the Asian business community within the Boston area to share experiences, knowledge, contacts and opportunities.  We strive to provide a forum for discussion about business relevant to all regions of Asia.

Membership in the Asian Business Club will be equally available to all full-time and part-time graduate students enrolled in the Questrom Graduate School of Business (QSB).  We encourage all graduate students at Boston University to participate in club events.  The Asian Business Club does not collect membership dues, but rather relies on school funding and ticket sales for various events throughout the year.

Email us at buabc@bu.edu