About Us

Welcome to the Boston University Black, Latino & American Indian MBA Association!

The BLAMBAA exists to:

  1. Promote awareness of the unique issues facing the under-represented minority MBA students in the university setting.
  2. Serve as a liason between the university administration and the diverse professional student community.
  3. Serve as an umbrella organization for and to facilitate communication between various MBA students (full time, part time) at Boston University.
  4. Work with the admissions team and the Inclusion Committee to continue to increase diversity at Boston University, Graduate Questrom School of Business.
  5. Help acclimate new minority MBA students to life at Boston University and Boston in general.
  6. Form relationships with diversity MBA groups at local schools.
  7. Work closely with the Boston chapter of the National Black MBA Association and other minority associations.
  8. Create a place where diversity is central, accepted and encouraged.
Please contact us with any questions and be sure to check our Announcements and Events pages for upcoming activities!