Our Mission

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Club has three primary objectives that have been shaped from feedback from the BU community. We run in a lean manner in order to achieve our primary goals of collaborating across campus with all clubs and schools, raising BU’s profile throughout the entrepreneurship community, and helping students find jobs and internships.

Everybody’s Welcome

BU Entrepreneurs strongly believe in creating an open community and welcome everyone to join. This includes all BU students and alumni, students from other schools, faculty, and professionals from the world at large.

Meetings take place on the first Monday of every month, 4-5pm, room 407 at the Buzz Lab (143 Bay State Road). Please visit our website for more information about events and how to get involved: insert url. You can also contact club President Josh Pearlstein with any questions or ideas jjpearl@bu.edu

We invite you to Join Now.