Career Resources

Below you’ll find some great resources to do some initial research on consulting. Check out the “Understanding Consulting” section for some great background material, Wetfeet and Vault’s guides to top companies, and lastly, a few good documents on case interview prep.

Note: The “Case Interview Prep” section below is just scratching the surface of the volume of material that the MBA Consulting Association has available. If you are looking for more materials, just contact us and you won’t be disappointed. We were blown away with the materials that one of our alumni officers, Konstantin dug up. There are just too many to post here!

Thanks and again, if you have any questions about the consulting industry, please contact one of the officers. Happy reading!

Case Interview Prep

Ace Your Case! (861k PDF)

McKinsey Problem Solving Practice Test – Guide (30k PDF)

McKinsey Problem Solving Practice Test (1) (51k PDF)

Nail the Case (1267k PDF)

Vault Guide to the Case Interview 2008 – more cases 1 (1321k PDF)

Vault Guide to the Case Interview 2008 – more cases 2.pdf (3143k PDF)

WetFeet – Ace your Case II – Fifteen more cases (1054k PDF)

Company Guides

BCG-ClientDeliverable (713k PDF)

Consult_This_McLaughlin (350k PDF)

McKinsey_HiddenFlaws_Strategy (548k PDF)

McKinsey_M&AStrategy (886k PDF)

Q&A – Heather Eberle, Internal Consultant with DPWN (72k PDF)

Vault – Top 50 Consulting Firms.PDF (10968k PDF)

WetFeet – 25 Top Consulting Firms 2008 ED.PDF (3347k PDF)


ArtofConnecting (420k PDF)

Conversations _Starters-Closers (13k PDF)

General Networking Questions (34k PDF)

NetworkingInfoGuide (265k PDF)

Understanding and Consulting

A Day in the Life – Strategy Consulting Associate (64k PDF)

Addicted to Consulting (72k PDF)

Better Billing (57k PDF)

Cliff Notes for Client Relations (69k PDF)

Consulting Caveats (58k PDF)

How To Survive Your First Team Assignment (66k PDF)

Internal vs. External Consulting (68k PDF)

Management Consultant – Quick Overview (74k PDF)

No business experience, no problem (61k PDF)

On The Beach (66k PDF)

Strategy Consulting 101 (419k PDF)

The Consulting Industry – A Primer for Experts and Beginners (83k PDF)

The Consulting Lifestyle (75k PDF)

What is a Case Interview (60k PDF)

What It Takes to be a Consultant (58k PDF)

What skills are they looking for (69k PDF)

Why Choose Consulting (64k PDF)