Program Prototypes


Executive Territory Sales Program

  • Week-long program designed for multinational corporations to examine the significant drivers of change and how they affect the high-performance sales organization.

International Program in Finance, Strategy & Marketing

  • Three one-week programs focusing on Finance, Strategy, and Branding with attention also given to the skill-based principles of corporate finance, corporate strategy and policy
  • These programs are incorporated into the Master’s Program in Entrepreneurial Economics at international universities.

International Technology Entrepreneurship Program

  • Two-week program designed for Executive MBA students regarding entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance and management.

Pharmacy Leadership Institute

  • Week-long program designed to broaden business skills, managerial versatility, and the extraordinary leadership demands of today’s Directors of Health-System Pharmacy, in partnership with leading Pharmacy companies.

Leading Change Program

  • Three-day program developed in partnership with International MBA programs. It is intended to broaden participants’ knowledge of the latest U.S. business practices and focuses on themes of leadership, business transformation, entrepreneurial management, and change/knowledge management.

Advanced Management Seminar

  • One-week program designed for international senior government officials and leaders who studied U.S. economic and business practices. Seminar provides the tools and knowledge for international leaders to set new direction in light of a dynamic changes taking place in their country of origin.

Business Integration Program

  • Two-week program designed for MBA students to broaden their knowledge of the latest U.S. business practices.