How do you go about customizing your curriculum to meet my company’s needs?

Each custom program is assigned a faculty coordinator who will come and meet with you and your key people to get a first hand account of your specific challenges and educational goals. After the initial assessment, the coordinator will consult with faculty colleagues to develop a curriculum that with tailor-made solutions.

What type of teaching methods do your professors use for both custom and open enrollment programs?

The case study method is the primary teaching pedagogy used by our faculty, but we also use lectures, simulations and other methods including distance education to support the learning.

If I want to send a group of employees to BU for training can you assist with accommodations?

During the summer, groups can be accommodated at our Executive dorms at 10 Buick Street on the campus of Boston University. We also have a BU rate at the Hotel Commonwealth, one of Boston’s premier luxury hotels. The location for both the dorm and the hotel is ideal for classroom attendance and access to all the activities of downtown Boston.

Can you help secure visas for the Graduate Diploma Program in Entrepreneurial Management Program or other international programs?

The Office of Executive Programs will assist you with all programs that require a student visa. Boston University’s Office of International Students and Scholars manages the entire visa process for the Questrom School of Business. Please see the individual program web site for details on forms needed for securing your visa and maintaining your status once in the country.

How do I register for open enrollment programs?

Registering for an open enrollment program is very easy. Please go to apply; you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment within 24 hours unless the program is full.

How often do you update your programs?

We update all executive programs on a regular basis after consultation with industry experts and our faculty. Our programs are known for being cutting-edge, timely and practical.

Would you be willing to deliver an executive program on-site, out of Boston or even out of the US?

Absolutely and we do it all the time. If you need a program delivered in China for 200 executives and we have the faculty expertise, we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity with you.