October Newsletter Feature

This edition of the newsletter features Boston University entrepreneurs who have been featured in the news in the last month. It is great to see our young entrepreneurs getting so much press. Last month we started our expert office hours program. If you need help with your new venture idea please sign up here for a session with one of our mentors.
Two weeks ago I was honored to receive on behalf of Boston University an “exceptional ally” award from the Interise organization at their annual awards ceremony. Next month we will feature a story which will trace the history of how Interise was founded at Boston University and how 10 years later it has helped 3,350 businesses in 65 locations across the country.
This next month will be a busy one in the BUzz lab with the first round of Pitch & Pizza and the finals of the E-Club run start-up challenge. We also have our one-day Start-up Bootcamp.  We have run this event once a semester for several years and it has proved very popular. This event is open to students, alumni and members of the community.
Warmest regards,
Professor Ian Mashiter
Director of the BUzz Lab
Fall in the BUzz Lab
BU Startup Wants to Make Subletting Safer 

By Olivia Vanni, BostInno

For people who have ever tried to sublease an apartment in Boston, they know that the struggle is real. It’s a stressful process that subjects you to some of Craigslist’s finest. Arguably one of the most active groups in our city’s subletting scene is students.

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Yawkey Foundation Gift Goes to Work 
By Amy Laskowski, amlaskow@bu.edu

This past summer, Benjamin St. Laurent had planned to spend his days at an unpaid internship at a local nonprofit, and his nights working at a part-time job to pay his rent.

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10 Local University – Based Startups to Put on Your Watch List 
Hearing about startups day in and day out has exposed me to companies doing some pretty cool stuff. However, not all startups are created equal. There are times when I come across ventures and I’m just blown away by what they’re trying to do.
I’ve put together a list of emerging businesses – with local college ties, of course – that I think we should keep a close eye on. (And to be clear, you cannot hold me personably responsible for any investments gone awry).
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