University Entrepreneurship

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Figuring out how to make vaccines you don’t need to refrigerate. When a great business idea comes to you at 2 am and you’re a freshman in college. How do you make it happen? A student at an engineering college tries to solve engineering problems, but from a business perspective. Data driven marketing recommendations on demand. Meet the only person who can do it. University Entrepreneurship: The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate, and additional, segments on Aidan McLaughlin, Jehan Hamedi, Michael Shrader, Thomas Hazel, Kathryn Aiken and Devin McMahon.

Jehan Hamedi is a Boston University Questrom School of Business grad, and additionally the Founder / CEO of Adhark. His company is a streaming marketing recommendation company. They also created the patented recommendation software, Cuckoo, to deliver data-driven advice to marketers everywhere.
Aidan McLaughlin is an undergraduate engineering student at the Olin College of Engineering. Along with his team, he’s building Indico, which allows your computer to explore text. They also image data in a natural way.
Ian Grant is the director of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center at the University of New Hampshire. Through his introductions we talked with Thomas Hazel, currently on his fifth start-up as a UNH grad (Deep). We also met two current students who are already on their second: Kate Aiken and Devin McMahon with LilyPad.
Michael Schrader is the co-founder and CEO of Vaxess, a company using a silk-derived protein to improve global access to vaccines and also other biopharmaceuticals. He graduated from Harvard Business School a few years prior.