BUzz Lab Sponsorship: Nantucket Conference 2017

BUzz Lab Sponsorship: Nantucket Conference 2017
Every year, the BUzz Lab sponsors one BU student, or recent alum’s, conference fee for the Nantucket Conference.The Nantucket Conference is held every year in June and is a great networking opportunity for everyone from young entrepreneurs to CEO’s. The conference is designed to bring together a small group of creative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and executives, and provide them with unique opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking in a relaxing, informal environment.
The Nantuket Conference attracts a wide variety of attendees, from journalists to venture capitalists and is part of a trio of conferences organized by Future Forward Events, LLC, together with, Future Forward: The New England Technology Summit and Convergence: The Life Sciences Leaders Forum.Nantucket gathers industry leading speakers from organizations like Google Ventures, Oracle and MIT for close encounters and interactive talksPast Speakers include:

Mark Hurd | Oracle
Rich Miner | Google Ventures
Eric Hadley | Pinterest
Brian Tilzer | CVS Caremark Corp
Eric Hellweg | Harvard Business Review

Last June, we sponsored Cameron Montague who gave us this feedback:”The Nantucket Conference was a great opportunity to learn from a small group of extremely smart and successful entrepreneurs. The conference is small and tight knit, which provides ample opportunity to network with the heart of the Boston tech start up community. If you are lucky enough to attend the conference, be sure to utilize the weekend to not only soak up the information that is presented, but also to network and market yourself. The value in the conference truly lies within the networking opportunities provided. Personally, the experience was a highlight of my time at BU – but it is truly up to the selected student to make the most of the opportunity!“Click this link to find out more about the conference: http://nantucketconference.comPlease contact Sarah Lorkin: if you have a business idea you are working on and are interested in applying for the BUzz Lab conference fee sponsorship.