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We believe that many entrepreneurial skills can be taught in the classroom. Our classes though focus on learning by doing within the safe confines of the classroom. Boston University offers a wide range of entrepreneurship classes, designed to expose you to both the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. Classes are not just for budding entrepreneurs who want to Concentrate in Entrepreneurship; anyone with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship will benefit and be ready to innovate in whatever professional career they enter.

Questrom School of Business

Questrom Entrepreneurship Concentration

The entrepreneurship faculty have extensive experience in many facets of entrepreneurship including new ventures, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship, industries such as high tech, financial, biotech, engineering and life sciences as well as angel investing and venture capital.

The Entrepreneurship Concentrations at the MBA and undergraduate levels help you learn how to create value in an entrepreneurial context, whether through a new venture, an existing firm, a social enterprise, or a foreign market. The objective of the Entrepreneurship Concentration is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to provide a set of analytic frameworks that will significantly increase your project’s chance of success and realize its value.

The Entrepreneurship Concentration can be fulfilled by taking various elective courses and may be combined with a number of other functional (e.g., Finance, Marketing) or contextual (e.g., Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Health Sector Management) concentrations.

The Questrom MBA Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Questrom Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Concentration 

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Joe LiPuma at

College of Engineering

Technology Innovation Concentration 

With the demand for engineers with hands-on experience in interdisciplinary fields growing,  the Technology Innovation concentration helps prepare students to work more effectively as engineers in any field and organization, and provides a launching pad for advancement into future management and leadership positions.

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in BU’s engineering students, prepares them to recognize and exploit opportunities for technical innovations that can lead to viable commercial products and profitable businesses.

College of Engineering

College of Communications

MA in Emerging Media Studies

Through this MA, Students can be exposed to the latest research and thinking on big data, analytical techniques for social media, and the role of public policy for optimal deployment of new communication technology.

College of Communications

Media Business Entrepreneurship 

Students learn the practical knowledge and skills needed to heed the call of entrepreneurship. Classes will include guest speakers from various business sectors including venture capital professionals, angel investors, accountants, attorneys, marketing experts who are skilled in launch phases of PR, as well as media entrepreneurs who succeeded against all odds. Students will also participate in the development of a core business idea, from concept through the creation of a sound business plan as a final project/presentation.

College of Communications

School of Hospitality 

Hospitality Entrepreneurship 

This course is intended to be a capstone experience for students seeking to understand hospitality entrepreneurship and innovation as a professional business system. Student teams will create, develop and design a concise Pro Forma Business Plan for a start-up nonprofit, or profit-driven hospitality enterprise. At the end of the semester teams will make a competitive presentation integrating the principles and skills mastered in previous coursework to a panel of successful hospitality entrepreneurs.

School of Hospitality 

Metropolitan College

Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

Focuses on providing students with key managerial competencies required in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing technological, economic, and cultural environments—ranging from startups to large multinational companies, and from high-tech and biotech companies to more traditional environments such as retail, healthcare, and financial services.

Metropolitan College

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