Each January, all full-time faculty members must submit an annual report via the Faculty Annual Report System. These reports are then used in the School’s annual performance review and merit evaluation process. Performance reviews/merit evaluations take place each spring, and focus on each full-time faculty member’s performance during the previous calendar year.

Please follow these steps to update your information, and to produce your Annual Reports:

  1. Go to questromapps.bu.edu
  2. Log in using your BU username and password.
  3. Under the “Directories/Profiles” tab, click on “Faculty Annual Report.”
  4. Expand the “Curriculum Vitae” category to upload your most recent CV. A recent CV is required of all full-time faculty each year. Your CV must be submitted electronically as a PDF. Please make sure that all references in your CV to the School of Management have been updated to the Questrom School of Business. Please read the instructions carefully, as your CV will also be published to your public Questrom profile.
  5. Expand each category to review and enter your information for at least the last three years (2016-2018).
  6. To create your reports, click on “Create my Annual Reports.”
  7. Select “Faculty Annual Report” and January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018 to RUN the report.
  8. Review all information within the produced report (you can click “Review and Print .PDF file” to review a PDF version). This will not submit the report.
  9. Check the box at the bottom of the report and type your name as your signature.
  10. Click “Submit, Save and Email me the report” button to submit and save a copy for yourself, and to receive an e-mail confirmation with the report.
  11. To create, sign and submit your Supplemental Annual Report, which includes three years of data, repeat steps 7-10, selecting “Faculty Supplemental Annual Report” within step 7.

If you have questions, please email questromhelp@bu.edu. Thank you!