Questrom Code of Conduct

Questrom is proud of the School’s culture, and to this end enforces a code of conduct to maintain and reinforce our culture of integrity, mutual respect, and cooperation. The School has a zero tolerance policy for breaches of ethics and cultural norms and such breaches have consequences for merit review and faculty support. The Questrom cultural code specifies the following expectations of all faculty:

  • Exhibit professional behavior toward colleagues, staff, students and other University employees
  • Treat all members of the Questrom community with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Act in a manner that builds and does not harm the School reputation
  • Act with integrity
  • Maintain a presence on campus
  • Engage in the activities of the School
  • Be available for colleagues, students and administrative responsibilities
  • Be responsive to department and administrative communications
  • Adhere to cultural norms for teaching, exams, and grading (see Merit Review Manual, Part III: Evaluation of Teaching for details)

Questrom Strategy

Dean’s Office Resources & Support

Our Dean’s Office is staffed with a number of people each with their own specialties to help you. If you need help with any of the following topics, please contact the staff person directly:

New Faculty Relocation Information

Carol DeSimone

Teaching & Research Assistant Hiring

Amy Mendez

Building Access

Cam Phillip

Phone Set-Up

Cam Phillip

Grant Applications

Katie Chipman

Concur Training & Assistance; BU Visa Card Questions; Research Account Balance Questions

Montanna Freeman

Non-Academic Leaves of Absence (Medical Leave, Maternity Leave, Primary Caregiver Workload Reductions)

Kristen Gallagher

Sabbatical Leaves; Junior Scholar Leaves

Kristen Gallagher

Course Planning Questions

Ashley Waters

Kristen Gallagher

Notary Public Services

Liz Katz
(in the UDC)

Faculty meetings

Faculty meetings occur on Friday afternoons from 2:00 – 4:00, several times throughout the school year. For the current year’s dates, please visit

Departmental Leadership

Your departmental chair will call meetings, usually on a monthly schedule. Chairs for this academic year are:

Department Chair
Accounting Prof. Eddie Riedl
Finance Prof. Bill Samuelson
Information Systems Prof. Marshall Van Alstyne
Marketing Prof. Shuba Srinivasan
Markets, Public Policy & Law Prof. Michael Salinger
Math Finance Prof. Bill Samuelson
Operations & Technology Management Prof. Joseph Restuccia
Organizational Behavior Prof. Karen Golden-Biddle
Strategy & Innovation Prof. Iain Cockburn

Departmental Support

Administrative support is available to each department from Senior Program Coordinators, who report to two Administrative Services Leads. Coordinators provide daily clerical and project-based assistance to the department faculty, including faculty hiring and reappointment paperwork processing, departmental expenses preparation and tracking, and general faculty support. Coordinators also act as knowledge resources for both Questrom and University-wide information.

Department Senior Program Coordinator
Accounting Paula Baker / Robert Flynn
Finance Jane McGillicuddy
Management Information Systems  Paula Baker
Marketing Alex Nishibun
MPPL Alex Nishibun / Mary McDonough
Math Finance Jane McGillicuddy
Operations & Technology Management Mary McDonough
Organizational Behavior Nelciny Alves
Strategy & Innovation Robert Flynn

To reach the Academic Support department regarding any inquiry or support need, please email or call 617-353-1757.

Support after 6:00 p.m.

Adjunct faculty should be aware that traditional office support is not available in the evenings. As such, photocopying and meetings with program staff should be planned during regular office hours. Planned IT requests such as lecture capture or video conferencing must be made through with at least 24 hours’ notice, so that adequate IT staffing arrangements can be made.

Immediate support involving unplanned technological issues in classrooms should be requested through our Help Desk by calling 617-353-9858, or simply 3-9858 from a campus phone.

For emergency assistance of any kind, our campus police are on hand throughout the day/night and can be reached at 617-353-2121 (3-2121 from a campus phone).

Faculty lounge

A faculty and staff lounge is located on the fifth floor abutting the atrium. It includes comfortable seating, digital signage, and an array of periodicals.

Professional Development

-Information to be added soon-

Expense reporting and reimbursement

Full guidelines for Boston University work-related expenses can be found at

The reimbursement process is handled entirely through BUworks. Visit Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Reimbursements > Manage Business Travel Arrangements and Reimbursements to get started.