Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides technical support and services for Questrom School of Business faculty, staff and students. While the Boston University Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides university-wide technical support, including establishing all BU e-mail accounts, ITS handles the majority of computing support and services needs for the Questrom School of Business.

New Faculty Orientation

All new faculty are encouraged to contact ITS to schedule a new faculty orientation which is a roughly one hour session during which a member of the ITS staff can meet with you to ensure you have the necessary accounts and permissions to effectively work within the Questrom School of Business environment. These orientations can be scheduled during the work week during business hours and can occur in the faculty members office or in the ITS staff members office. To request a new faculty orientation, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Information Technology Services Helpdesk

 The Schoolof Management’s ITS Helpdesk is the single, central point of contact for requesting IT services and training, or simply to ask computing questions. The helpdesk can be reached through e-mail ( or via phone (617-353-9858). It is staffed 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. ITS also maintains a helpdesk website as accessible via the Web at .  This website lists answers to frequently asked computing questions as well as offers tools for resolving common computing issues.

Boston University E-Mail

 NOTE: The Questrom School of Business now uses Microsoft Exchange for all Full time Faculty and Staff. Part time faculty will continue to use the regular Boston University email service until late fall of 2011.

 All new faculty members (full and part time) should setup a regular email account as soon as possible by visiting the BU Office of Information Technology (617-353-2780) at 533 Commonwealth Avenue. Personnel are available to help you open your e-mail account from 9:00am to 5:00pm. To apply for an account, you must take either a BU identification card or your official appointment notification letter and a form of picture identification.

 Please review the QUICKTIP information in this booklet, especially the “Choose a Password” section before applying for this account.

 Full time Faculty and Staff should contact the SMG Helpdesk after their regular emails have been activated so that they can transfer your BU email account to the Microsoft Exchange service. Information about how to setup and access your BU email through Microsoft Exchange is available at .

 Part time Faculty, Once your account is active, you can begin reading your BU e-mail messages online using at  Other options for reading BU e-mail can be found at (e.g., configuring an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook). 

 Information Technology Services installs and configures e-mail clients on SMG office computers for faculty and staff soon after arriving at the School. Microsoft Outlook is the School’s supported email client.

SMG Active Directory Accounts

The Active Directory (SMG Local Area Network)

Microsoft Windows Active Directory is networking technology used by the Questrom School of Business.  The Active Directory (AD) provides the system of directories and accounts that allow faculty, staff, and students to save files, print, and perform a variety of functions on the Questrom School of Business Network. You need an AD account for access to all Questrom School of Business office and lab computers and also for access to SMG specific websites which are described herein. (See below for AD account request procedures.)

Activating Active Directory (AD) Accounts

Once you have setup your BU email account, please contact the ITS Help Desk (617-353-9858) about activating your AD account. This process is also reviewed during a New Faculty Orientation Session.

SMG Faculty Database

In addition, your name and BU identification number must be added to the SMG database. Contact the School’s Faculty Actions Manager in the Dean’s Office (617-353-2663) to be added to the database. 


SMGworld is the school’s Intranet and was launched using a WordPress environment in 2010.  It can be accessed via the Web at  Specific SMG applications requiring your BU username and your Kerberos password are listed on the SMGworld as are helpful BU links.  Additional links and sites are being added throughout the academic year, including a new faculty focused site during the fall of 2011.  SMGworld contains a consolidated SMG calendar that be filtered to show events of particular interest to faculty.  All SMG calendar events can be dowloaded to Outlook, Exchange and Google environments.  SMGworld’s calendar also feeds the various digital signange devices in the building such as the one located in the Faculty Lounge on the 5th floor.  If you have and event that you want posted to the SMGcalendar, please email

Questrom School of Business Local Area Network (Active Directory) Usage and Security Guidelines

 All users of the Questrom School of Business Network (AD) will be responsible for abiding by these guidelines. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in loss of one’s AD account. 


1.    Each network (AD) account user MUST have a valid BU e-mail address. Notices and related network information for users will be sent out via e-mail.

2.   The password used to access the AD is the same as the BU email (Kerberos) password.  This password is case-sensitive.

3.   The AD account user must NOT give out her/his password to anyone for any reason. This includes temporary access to any student employees.


1.   Each AD account user will be given access to four separate network drives for file storage. The following explains the various drives and their storage capacity.  Anyone in need of additional storage space should email

     a. The first storage volume contains the users HOME directory (P drive). This is a private directory to which only the individual user of the account can read and write files. An individual user can place up to 2GB of data files on this volume.

     b. The second volume contains the CLASSNOTES directory (Q drive). This is an area to which faculty and staff may post files for SMG students to download. SMG students have read-only access to this directory and therefore cannot delete or modify files posted to this directory. An individual user can place up to 1GB of data files on this volume.

     c. The third volume contains the DEPARTMENT directories (R drive). These directories can only be seen by members of the individual departments. It is not uncommon for users affiliated with multiple offices to be able to use one or more department directories. (Department chairpersons must contact the ITS Helpdesk for special access requests to folders in their department directory, e.g., student employees.) An individual user can place up to 5GB of data files on this volume. 

     d. The fourth volume contains the SHARE directory to which faculty and staff have read and write access (S drive). (Students do not have any access to this area on the network.) Any private or sensitive data should NEVER be written to this directory. This directory is a quick exchange area of data between departments. Therefore, anything you put in this directory can be deleted by another faculty or staff member. An individual user can place up to 1GB of data files on this volume.


The BU wireless network is available on all floors of the Rafik B. Hariri building. The BU wireless network conforms to the 802.11a/b/g/n standards, also known as Wi-Fi which operates at a speed comparable to an Ethernet connection. You must have a valid BU username and Kerberos password to use the BU wireless network. For instructions on setting up a laptop to connect to the wireless network at SMG, see the instructions posted on the PCSC Help website at


Each AD account user will be given access to departmental network printers. Toner and maintenance of network printers is handled by ITS and Laser Technologies. 

Color printing is available in the Computer Labs. Color print jobs can be sent from office computers to the labs.  A department transfer of funds form is processed at the time of pickup in the labs (SMG Rooms 328)

 The individual departments provide personal office printers.  ITS recommends the use of Laser Technologies as the vendor for desktop printers, cartridges and maintenance (978-897-5499).

Purchase and Installation of Hardware or Software

The ITS department must initiate all procurements of hardware and software in accordance with BU Policy.  Please email for purchasing recommendations and price quotes. ITS will also coordinate installation and training on the new systems.

 Requests for desktop printers (see “Printing” section) and storage media (CD’s, flash drives, etc) should be coordinated through your departmental Program Coordinator.

Computer Move Requests

Requests for moving a computer to another office must go through Cam Phillip (  Computer moves are subject to a fee.

SMGtools (Course Management System)

SMGtools, located at , is a Course Management System designed to assist instructors, students and researchers in the creation and use of websites for teaching and collaborative purposes.  Faculty can setup full-featured websites to post course documents, host discussions, send email, and explore a wide range of other site tools to facilitate site administration and communication among students. An SMGtools course site is created by default for all SMG and GSM courses shortly before the beginning of each semester. The faculty member listed with registrar is automatically added to each course site as the default instructor. Faculty interested in hosting a website for research purposes can accomplish this through the use of SMGtools as well.  BU and non-BU affiliated colleagues can be readily added to the site at the discretion of the site owner.

SMGtools is the branded name for the School’s customized installation of the open-source software known as Sakai.  The Questrom School of Business is an official partner institution with the Sakai Project (, a consortium of universities banding together to produce an open source solution for online collaboration and learning. More information about SMGtools can be found by visiting .

SMGpublish is a public Web server maintained by ITS for Questrom School of Business faculty and staff to use. This Web server can be used to create web pages and websites that would supplement course materials posted to SMGtools or for publishing other professionally and academically related content on the Web.  Authorized Schoolof Managementstudent groups may also post content related to their organizations on this Web server.  To create an account on SMGpublish, go to and click on the Information link.

 All members of the BU community who want to publish on the Web can do so using the Web server.  Departments can request space on the central Web server.  These servers are maintained by the BU Office of Information Technology.  For details, see .

Research Services

The Wharton Research Data Services System (WRDS) is available to SMG faculty.  WRDS is a state-of-the-art web-based data management service that provides seamless delivery of data from multiple sources onto Unix workstations and desktop PCs.  It allows faculty to query and retrieve information from a wide variety of databases.  WRDS data consist of historical financial information for banks, government bonds, stock exchanges, and major companies and is intended solely for research and instructional purposes.  To request an account, go to