No Show Policy:

Event & Coaching Appointment Policy

While significant advanced notice for canceling your appointment or attendance at an event helps preserve Questrom’s reputation with employers, our planning with employers, or opens slots for your colleagues to schedule appointments, we understand things “pop up.” Therefore, going forward you will be able to cancel your appointment or attendance at an event all the way up to the start time of the appointment or event.

Compliance with the cancellation policy ensures continued access to FCC services.

Non-compliance results in a no show status defined as missing any FCC sponsored meeting/event/program requiring pre-registration. If classified as a no show for two events in an academic year, your access to FCC services will be revoked. You will be invited to speak with the Assistant Dean and/or Director of Employer Engagement to determine reinstatement of access to FCC services.

IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise indicated, each FCC-related event has an ID card reader or sign-in sheet. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID be available OR that you sign in; otherwise, you will be considered a no show.

Interview No Show & Late Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an on-campus interview, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you do not notify us with 24 hours notice or no show for your interview, it will automatically count as your second no show. Your account and services will suspended. You will need to call the Front Desk to schedule an appointment with Assistant Dean or Director of Employer Relations. In this appointment, your attendance will be discussed and it will be determined whether to reinstate your account and services on a probationary basis.

Offer Policy:

Honesty and Integrity during your search process reflect character, personal brand, and the BU Questrom brand. The professionalism of Questrom students is a trademark recognized by employers. The reputation is built on the quality of our students and their behavior and approach.

While the FCC has no official student or employer policies regarding the reneging on or rescinding of offers, we remind all parties that they are subject to the terms of the offer agreements and the laws of the state in which the agreement is enacted.

We understand that special circumstances may arise which would require a student to renege or an employer to rescind an offer. In these special, but rare cases, we encourage students and/or employers to speak with an FCC team member prior to any final decisions. Either situation can damage the respective reputations of the student and/or employer and our team is specially trained to help navigate these situations.