As an MBA student you might be interested in various career paths. Here we have selected eleven major areas that many of our students choose to pursue. We have outlined consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, marketing, operations, public & non-profit, and technology. In this section, for each career path you will gain knowledge about the portfolio program, course of study, possible career paths, necessary skills and experience, sample job titles, interview process, sample of recruiting companies and jobs, sample calendar of events, and a recruiting timeline.

The information in these packets can serve as a lifelong roadmap as you pursue your career goals, a reference guide that can be built upon as you gain new proficiencies and professional experiences and will help you to target your next great career opportunity. Once you have begun initial investigations, the FCC staff, faculty, and your portfolio advisor will help you leverage both your classroom and work experiences to gain a clearer sense of your career vision, implement a more effective job search strategy, and remain focused on future opportunities.