Like any job search, the international job search takes time and effort. You will be most successful if you conduct a multi-faceted search, tapping into many different resources, rather than relying on one. Research and networking are incredibly important in the international job search, but more importantly, follow-up is key.

Where Do You Want to Go?

The first step is to decide where you want to go. If you have studied abroad before, and want to return to the same location, make a list of everyone you met there, and contact them. Let them know that you are interested in working in that location, and see how they can help you.

Turn Your Resumé into a CV

The CV is very similar to the American resumé, but has certain differences in each country. CVs are often more descriptive, but converting a resumé to a CV is relatively easy. The best way is to search for sample CVs for the country you are going to. If you plan on applying to American companies operating abroad, in most cases your resumé will be fine. Check the Pardee Library ( for books about writing a CV for a job abroad.

BU Resources

Join the LinkedIn community to start searching for BU alums or other connections that can help you with international networking. The Career Advisory Network is another tool to help you find alumni who are working or living in a given location, national, or worldwide.