FCC Glossary

UDC: Undergraduate Development Center, located in HAR 104

GDC: Graduate Development Center, located in HAR 115

FCC: Feld Career Center, located in HAR 110

CCD: Center for Career Development, open to all BU students, located at 100 Bay State Road 6th floor 

OCI: On campus interview (same as OCR)

OCR: On campus recruiting (same as OCI)

Non OCI/OCR Posting: The job posting is not associated with an interview to be held on campus

4th floor dining rooms: this refers to rooms 426, 428 & 430

Feld Career Center Interview Rooms: Questrom on campus interviews are held in the FCC. Please check in for your interview at the FCC front desk or you will be counted as a no-show

Career advisor/coach: Found in the Undergraduate or Graduate Development Centers, these advisors will help you with resumes, cover letters, and interview advice (?). They will help you pinpoint exactly what it is you want to do and teach you how to achieve it.

IRM: Industry Relations Manager—Located in the Feld Career Center, IRMs help you get in contact with employers in your field of interest and help dig deeper into the industry you are interested in

Handshake: Handshake is BU’s online database for employers and students to connect. Use Handshake to search for employers, employer events, jobs, and internships.

MBA Focus: MBA focus is a database available only to Questrom MBA students for them to search employers, register for employer events, and apply to jobs specifically for MBA students.

Questrom Connect: Matches student and alumni for informational interviews, job shadowing, career advice, mentoring and more.

Business Formal Dress Code: A typical business formal outfit is a full suit and dress shoes.

Business Casual Dress Code: Business casual outfits are a mix of casual and business attire. Consider wearing a button down shirt, a sweater, or a blazer with slacks or a skirt.

Casual Dress Code: If an event says the dress code is casual, it is acceptable to wear whatever is comfortable as long as you avoid ripped pants, logo t-shirts, yoga pants/leggings, and other athletic attire.

No Show: When you do not show up for an appointment, event, interview, etc. that you signed up for in advance and that took attendance. Please refer to the no-show policy.