Before you attend a corporate event, there are some details to consider. Please remember that it is important to establish rapport with the corporate representative. Also, remember that each interaction with an employer is a chance to make a good impression – dress accordingly and be professional.

How to Make the Most of Your Career Fair Experience

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Asking Questions at Corporate EventsQuestions should be company-specific. Do your research on the company, find out what you can online, and develop targeted questions that get you the information you want to know and that demonstrate your interest. (For guidelines on questions, see the Interviewing section of this Guide.)Ineffective Questions to Ask at Corporate EventsMany of the following questions can be answered by doing basic research on the company:

  • Does your company have any jobs available? (Too soon in the process)
  • Where are your offices located? (Web site)
  • Are you hiring? (Oversimplified)
  • How much do you pay new grads? (Inappropriate, Internet)
  • How is your company organized? (Web site)
  • I’m interested in doing marketing. Does your company do that? (Web site and oversimplified)
  • I heard your company is undergoing layoffs. Is it worth applying? (Oversimplified)
  • Who are your competitors? (Newspaper and magazines, Internet)
  • Are you getting a new CEO? (Newspaper and magazines, Internet)
  • Last year, I heard your company was going bankrupt. Did that happen? (Timeliness, lack of source, vague)
  • Is your division being spun off? (Newspaper and magazines, Internet)
  • Do you hire foreign nationals? (Recruiters are often turned off by this question.)
  • How many conference rooms do you have? (Oversimplified)
  • Do you have an intramural softball team? (Off-topic)

Always prepare for a corporate event as you would for an interview. Research the company and the specific position(s) for which they are recruiting (see Researching Jobs and Employers).