International MBA

We are pausing enrollment for the IMBA Program and focusing our energies on developing
a distinctive and responsive one-year global MBA
that best prepares our future leaders to move nimbly and thoughtfully
through an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world.
For an overview of the past IMBA offerings, please explore this page.
Contact the Graduate Admissions team with any questions or concerns.


As an International MBA student, you still complete 64-credits, the same as all Boston University MBA students.
Your degree and diploma will state: Masters of Business Administration.

In order to finish in one year, you’ll be taking a heavier course load than the typical MBA student. IMBAs take 22-24 credits per semester.
This IMBA curriculum grid will help you understand the core and required courses as well as their sequence to help you better plan your year.

Summer Semester (22 credits)
May – August

ES 700 Executive Presentations (1 cr)
ES 701 Executive Written Communication (1 cr)
IM 842 Business in Asia Pacific (4 cr)
OB 712 Managing Organizations and People (4 cr)
AC 711 Financial Reporting and Control (4 cr)
MK 724 Marketing Management (4 cr)
FE 722 Financial Management (4 cr)

Fall Semester (20 credits with a maximum of 23 credits)
August – December

ES 740 Career Management (2 cr)
FE 730 Economics and Management Decisions (4 cr)
OM 726 Creating Value through Operations and Tech (4 cr)
QM 717 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision-Making (4 cr)
Elective 1 (3 cr)
Elective 2 (3 cr)
Elective 3 (3 cr)

Spring Semester (19 credits with a maximum of 22 credits)
January – May

SI 751 Competition, Innovation & Strategy (4 cr)
– Completed during the Spring Intensive Weeks
PL 700 Introduction to Business Law (2 cr)
IS 711 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy (4 cr)
Elective 1 (3 cr)
Elective 2 (3 cr)
Elective 3 (3 cr)
Elective 4 (3 cr)

Program Extensions

IMBA students typically graduate in 12-months, but some may graduate in 15- or 18-months:

  • Students who participate in a Spring/Summer I International Field Seminar will graduate in September.
  • Students interested in internships have the option of slowing down the curriculum so that they can graduate in January of the following year. 


IMBA courses in the summer are taught in a manner consistent with the GSM MBA standards and the Code of Conduct.

Any breach of the school’s Academic Code of Conduct during the program in China will result in the case and the student(s) involved being brought before the Academic Conduct Committee upon return to Boston. Please make sure you have read and are familiar with the school’s Academic Conduct Code before you arrive in China.

Please refer to the IMBA Handbook for details or refer to the policies and procedures available on the GPO website: