Qualified Questrom freshmen, sophomores, juniors are invited to apply to LOCK each spring semester.  Non-Questrom students who are minoring in Business Administration at Questrom are also invited to apply.

Membership in LOCK provides:

  • A membership to an esteemed honorary service society in the Questrom School of Business
  • The chance to network and work with other exceptionally strong student leaders
  • The chance to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with the faculty and staff of the Questrom School of Business
  • An opportunity to give back and contribute to your school’s success by aiding other students and giving back to the community at large

LOCK expects its member to:

  • Attend all club meetings each semester
  • Participate in at least two structured tutoring sessions each semester regarding a variety of Questrom classes including SM131, FE101, AC221/222, QM221/QM222, etc.
  • Complete additional activities to satisfy point requirements each semester including: Community service, subcommittees, membership events, special events, and additional tutoring sessions
  • Reply in a timely manner to all communications from LOCK
  • Attend the new member induction ceremony every spring semester. Last year’s induction was on on April 3, 2017.

LOCK is looking for members who:

  • Have displayed excellent academic ability
  • Are able to communicate effectively with other students
  • Have the time available to be an active member
  • Demonstrated passion and ability to contribute to the organization

Admission requirements for LOCK:

  • Current, full-time Questrom student or Questrom minor with at least one semester left after the current one
  • Minimum of 3.30 Cumulative GPA (the cumulative gpa must cover a minimum of 32 credit hours completed at the School)
  • Completion of SM131 necessary
  • Candidates cannot be on disciplinary probation at the time of application for membership
  • Candidates must demonstrate a bona fide interest to serve LOCK and the School
  • Candidates can apply while studying abroad
  • Be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior at Boston University

The process consists of an application, an essay component, and an interview conducted by the LOCK E-board. Eligible students will receive an invitation to apply mid-semester.  Please contact us at lock@bu.edu for further information about recruitment.