The LOCK Honorary Service Society is the oldest student organization at Questrom, established in 1924 by Professor Charles Stratton and Lyman Phillips.  Many of the most prominent Questrom affiliates, including former Dean of the Questrom School of Business Louis E. Lataif and the current Dean Ken Freeman, are also LOCK members.   LOCK was founded and still operates on the belief that those who have the privilege of scholarship must share what they have gained.  LOCK members aim to fulfill that responsibility by providing their peers in Boston University with tutoring help in all required Questrom courses, tutoring nights in the dorms, study halls during finals period, and student success panels at local high schools.  LOCK also aspires to foster a sense of community service through volunteering events in the greater Boston community.


About our members:

  • All of our members serve as tutors and also take part in community service initiatives in the greater Boston area
  • Our members not only strive for academic excellence, but also act as leaders beyond the classroom
  • Our members have a strong desire to help others succeed and want to share their knowledge with their peers

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at