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About Us

The MBA Marketing Club is open to all Questrom Graduate students who are interested in all things marketing!

We focus on marketing in all senses, from internal decision-making informed by data analytics to consumer-facing storytelling through branding, social media and creative communications. To us, marketing can be defined beyond what it means in a traditional sense and plays an important role throughout an organization, not limited to one department.

We are dedicated to promoting the discipline of marketing and assisting our members with how the development of marketing skills can lead to a fulfilling, engaged career. To achieve this, the club plans a series of events each semester, including panels, treks and other networking opportunities, for insight into all variations within the marketing profession.


Annual Conference:
Marketing in Context

Photos from Marketing in Context 2016: Storytelling | All photos by Dave Kauffman Photography

Executive Board

Nimita Patel

Shubham Gupta
VP of Operations

Maegan North
VP of Events

My Nguyen
VP of Internal Relations

Meaghan Hildreth
VP of Marketing and Communications

Rohit Singh
VP of External Relations

Ashna Aggarwal
VP of Finance

Brittany Keegan
Cohort Beacon First Year Rep

Stephanie Liu
Cohort Beacon First Year Rep

Joy Chen
Cohort Congress First Year Rep

Elizabeth Gallagher
Cohort Congress First Year Rep

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Follow along with events via our twitter page and contribute by hashtagging: #MKinContext

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Sponsorship Package

As a student organization, we are always grateful for any donation of any size.  We aim to design our sponsorship arrangements to create value for everyone involved.

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