Spreading Lean Beyond a Central Group

Michael Gustafson, MD Senior VP of Brigham and Women’s Center for Clinical Excellence

Barbara Corning-Davis, Director of Operational Improvement at North Shore Medical Center

MHLN_BWH PI Beyond Central Group_Sept2010

Improving Improvement: From the Suggestion Box to Visual Idea Boards

Mark Graban: Author of Lean Hospitals (Improving Quality,Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement) and Healthcare Kaizen

Mark_Graban presentation at ASQ Conf 2012

Transforming the ED Patient Experience

Improvements that transformed the ED patient experience at Brigham & Women’s Hospital Emergency Department

(Josh Kosowsky, MD, Clinical Director, Heidi Crim, RN, Nursing Director, Kristin Kadera, RN, Sr. Consultant Performance Improvement, John Rossi, Sr. Consultant Performance Improvement)