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Applying the Toyota Model at UMass Memorial Health Care

by Tom Gormley Read on about the lean journey at UMass Memorial Health Care, in Worcester, MA, which writes in the linked article below about its recent progress and experience with lean transformation, six years in. Its CEO, Eric Dickson, MD, is one of the Northeast’s most lean thinking chief executives, and a physician as […]

NH Lean Network

Check out what our friends at the New Hampshire Lean Network (NHLN) are doing including an overview of how the New Hampshire state government is using lean For more information about the NHLN contact them at nh_state-lean-overview_10_20_2016 http://Lean.NH.Gov

Tom Brady (New England Patriots) – Lean Thinker

Tom Brady (TB12) – Lean thinker by Tom Gormley, Manager, Process Improvement, Franciscan Childrens   “I kind of know what I see out there”. Tom Brady (from an interview with Tom Brady on October 21, 2016. See the link below to read the full article) We often say, lean principles and thinking apply and […]

A Cultural Shift For Doctors: Asking Patients ‘Why?’

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This caught my eye given the frequent predisposition (in my experience) of healthcare staff and leaders to implementing previously identified “solutions” to problems, vs. root-cause problem solving. The author Chris Lawer appears not to be a lean practitioner per se, but apparently has found the same behavior common in his world – healthcare innovation strategy and […]

11 Ways You Can Get Ideas to Flow From Staff

From our friend Mark Graban’s terrific site  

Tips for creating an effective suggestion system

From our friend Dan Fleming at GBMP tips_for_creating_an_effective_suggestion_system

Why Lean Doesn’t Work for Everyone

from BMJ Quality and Safety Kaplan_Why Lean Doesn’t Work for Everyone

5 Reasons Why Suggestion Boxes Fail (

“Healthcare Kaizen” Videos with Front-line Staff from Franciscan St. Francis

These videos from Mark Graban’s site,, are excellent for learning and sharing with colleagues, especially any who (as Mark points out) still think “Lean doesn’t work in healthcare”. They contain real front-line staff simply talking about their experience with simple, every-day improvements that are good for patients and good for staff. We highly recommend them. […]

Relevance of Lean in Population Health Management and Accountable Care

Are lean principles and methods important to these innovations in care and reimbursement?

Humility and Improvement

Our friend Mark Graban shares some thoughts regarding humility and improvement

Thoughts on Standard Work

from our friend Mark Graban of the    

A Fee for Service Alternative (Iora Health)

Empowering Employees is About Coaching Not Managing

Massachusetts health care organizations testing a new delivery and payment method (update)