Start End Min Papers Speakers Discussants
7:30 AM 8:00 AM 30 Breakfast
8:00 AM 8:05 AM 5 Welcome  
8:05 AM 10:05 AM 120 Long papers Can Online Reviews Deter the Entry of New Complementors? Tedi Skiti, Temple University Wen Wen, UT Austin
Creating Platforms by Hosting Rivals Bruno Jullien, Toulouse School of Economics Alex White, Tsinghua University
Market Orchestrators: The Effect of Platform Certification on Complementor Performance and Behavior in the Context of Kiva (2010-2013) Joost Rietveld, University College London Daniel Sokol, University of Florida
10:05 AM 10:20 AM 15 Break
10:20 AM 11:05 AM 45 Short papers Managing Relationships with a Platform: An Empirical Study of Publishers’ e-Book Offerings on Amazon Kindle Cameron Miller, Syracuse University
The Sharing Economy as a Local Economic Engine: The Heterogeneous Impact of Airbnb on Restaurant Employment Growth Mohammed Alyakoob, Purdue University
Single-Dimensional versus Multi-Dimensional Product Ratings in Online Marketplaces Murat Tunc, UT Dallas
Consumer Protection in an Online World: When Does Occupational Licensing Matter? Andrey Fradkin, MIT
How Unbecoming of You: Gender Biases in Perceptions of Ridesharing Performance Idris Adjerid, University of Notre Dame
11:05 AM 11:20 PM 15 Break
11:20 AM 12:40 PM 80 Long papers Competition, Contracts, and Creativity: Evidence from Novel Writing in a Platform Market Yanhui Wu, University of Southern California Chris Forman, Cornell University
Price Competition in Multi-Sided Markets Guofu Tan, University of Southern California Hanna Halaburda, New York University
12:40 PM 1:40 PM 60 Lunch
1:40 PM 3:40 PM 120 Long papers Platform versus Non-Platform Company Performance: Some Exploratory Data Analysis, 1995-2015 Michael Cusumano, MIT Marco Iansiti, Harvard University
Segmentation versus Agglomeration: Competition between Platforms with Competitive Sellers Martin Peitz, University of Mannheim Xinxin Li, University of Connecticut
Competing Across Platforms: Antecedents of Platform Mobility Yongzhi Wang, Ohio State University Andy Wu, Harvard University
3:40 PM 3:55 PM 15 Break
3:55 PM 4:40 PM 45 Short papers The Agency and Wholesale Models in Electronic Content Markets Justin Johnson, Cornell University
The Importance of Consumer Multi-Homing (Joint Purchases) for Market Performance: Mergers and Entry in Media Markets Simon Anderson, University of Virginia
Platform Competition with Multihoming on Both Sides: Subsidize or Not? Yannis Bakos, New York University
Smart Timing for Smart Products? Complementor Multihoming in Nascent Platform Markets Senem Aydin, Northeastern University
Multihoming within Platform Ecosystems: The Strategic Role of Human Capital Vijayaraghavan Venkataraman, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:40 PM 4:55 PM 15 Break
4:55 PM 6:15 PM 80 Long papers IT-enabled Monitoring and Labor Contracting in Online Platforms: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Yili (Kevin) Hong, Arizona State University Imke Reimers, Northeastern University
A Model of Sales on Online Platforms Yangguang Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Chiara Farronato, Harvard University
6:15 PM Adjourn