What is TechConnect?

TechConnect 2016 is a partnership between the Questrom School of Business MS-MBA Association and the Entrepreneurship Club. The event is designed to engage current and future business leaders in dialogue on technology trends and concepts. Both sides have a chance to learn from the experiences of the other. TechConnect is completely run by MBA students at Boston University and is the keystone event for the MS-MBA Association.

Who attends TechConnect?

The event is open to undergraduate and graduate students from BU, other Boston-area Universities, and leaders in technology from across the region.

What is the MS-MBA?

The MS-MBA is a two-year, dual-degree program at Boston University for students interested in the intersection of business and technology. MS-MBA students earn two degrees: a traditional MBA and a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Is there a theme?

Yes, TechConnect 2016 is titled Platforms and the Sharing Economy. Platforms are disrupting the technology world. The buzz is no longer around the hottest new tech product, it’s about the next new platform to take down a long-established industry. Consider how Airbnb is taking on hotels, how Uber is taking on taxis, and how Salesforce is taking on enterprise software. Companies are going to have to reevaluate their talent needs, strategy, marketing plans and more to deal with this new landscape.