Open Access Lab: Normal Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 12 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.


The Boston University Questrom School of Business Open Access Labs are located on the 3rd floor of the SMG building. The labs are designed to promote the use of technology in the Questrom School of Business curriculum.

Undergraduate Open Access Lab, located in room 328, is available to SMG students, students taking an SMG course, alumni, and Hubert H. Humphrey fellows. Within this lab are 28 computer work stations, 3 printers with print release stations, and 2 scanning stations.

Teaching Lab, located in room 314, can be reserved for instructional purposes by faculty and staff (please email the lab coordinator at to reserve).

Graduate Resource Lab, located in room 316, is exclusively for graduate students and can accessed by using a valid BU ID Card in the card swipe. This lab contains 23 computer work stations, 10 desks for laptop users, 1 printer, 1 PDF scanner, and a copier.

The Bloomberg Resource Lab, located in room 340E, is available to SMG MBA students enrolled in the Math and Finance Department, and can only be accessed with their valid BU ID card in the doors card swipe. Usage is by appointment only, and times can be reserved using the SMGtools Team Room System.

To gain access to the labs, you must have an ACS account and an SMG AD account.

Activate Your AD Account

In order to log in, you must obtain an SMG AD account. If you are an SMG student or taking an SMG class you can do so by filling out the the online application. If you are unable to submit the form, see a lab assistant for help.

What is “Free” Quota?

“Free quota” is a term given to the privilege of printing freely in any of the computer labs at SMG. See the following section for eligibility. All Boston University students are also given a separate free quota account at OIT’s computer labs within the Mugar Library, inquiries about which should be directed to that lab. Free quota is not “free” in monetary terms; students have been given an initial account balance by virtue of their enrollment, but replenishment to the SMG free quota may only be extended through the addition of funds by the student. Further details can be found at our printing page.

Eligibility for Free Quota at SMG

Fully registered SMG and GSM students are given an initial account balance according to their year of school: Undergraduate Students

Freshmen 600 Images
Sophomores       200 images
Juniors 200 images
Seniors 200 images

Students enrolled in CORE will receive an additional 800 pages at the start of the semester they will be participating in the CORE program.

Graduate Students

MBA       2200 Images
DBA 2200 images

The full amount listed above is credited to the student account at the beginning of the fall semester, and does not replenish for the spring semester. Students pursuing minors in SMG do not receive free quota privileges.

Students can verify current school affiliation by conducting a BU directory search. Only those students enrolled in an SMG or GSM program will receive free quota. Regardless of the individual scenario, it is this status code, assigned by the registrar, that determines whether our system will allow free quota to a given student. Students who feel their affiliation is incorrect, or outdated, should contact the registrar directly.

Locker Rental

Lockers are available in the Rafik B. Hariri building for all Questrom School of Business students to rent. Large lockers may be rented for $10.00 (although the quantity is limited), and small lockers may be rented for $5.00.

Locker Rentals can be completed on September 2nd and 3rd in room 206 from 8am – 5pm. This advance sale will be cash only, and you must have your student ID with you. After September 3rd, locker rentals are available in the Open Access Computer lab, room 328, where cash or convenience points can be accepted.

Locker rentals are for the full academic year.

Locker rentals are administered only by the Senior Lab Coordinator, Monday – Friday. If you come in at a time when she is not available, you can fill out the locker rental form and pick up your locker combination and pay the following business day.

In order to receive a locker, you must first activate your AD account, for proof of SMG affiliation.

If you are an SMG student or taking an SMG class you can do so by filling out the online application.

If you are unable to submit the form see a lab assistant for help.