SMG Student Computer Labs

Printing from the SMG Computer Labs

The Computer Labs (rooms 316 and 328) in the SMG building are equipped with six laser printers for the printing needs of students.SMG students use four “free quota” printers, which print double-sided pages automatically. Color printing is also available to all users; however Freequota does not apply to color printing.

Free Quota Printing Overview

“Free quota” is a term given to the privilege to print freely in any of the computer labs at SMG. See the following section for eligibility. All Boston University students are also given a separate free quota account at OIT’s computer labs (The Mugar Library), inquiries about which should be directed to that lab. Free quota is not “free” in monetary terms; students have been given an initial account balance by virtue of their enrollment, but replenishment to the SMG free quota may only be extended through the addition of funds by the student. Further details can be found in the following sections.

Eligibility for Free Quota at SMG

Fully registered SMG and GSM students are given an initial account balance according to their year of school:

Undergraduate Students

Freshmen 600 images
Sophomores    200 images
Juniors 200 images
Seniors 200 images

Students enrolled in CORE will receive an additional 800 pages at the start of the semester they will be participating in the CORE program.

Graduate Students

MBA 2200 images
PHD/DBA 2200 images
Math Finance    2200 images

The full amount listed above is credited to the student account at the beginning of the fall semester, and does not replenish for the spring semester.

Students pursuing minors in SMG do not receive free quota privileges.

Students can verify current school affiliation by conducting a BU directory search. Only those students enrolled in an SMG or GSM program will receive free quota. Regardless of the individual scenario, it is this status code, assigned by the registrar, that determines whether our system will allow free quota to a given student. Students who feel their affiliation is incorrect, or outdated, should contact the registrar directly.

Monitoring and Replenishing Free Quota

Students can monitor their free quota balance throughout the year by logging into a workstation in any of the SMG computer labs (rooms 316 or 328), and double-clicking a desktop icon called Free Quota Balance, which counts backwards, from the amount the student began the academic year with, in five-cent increments per printed image. When the balance reaches or is less than $0.00, subsequent requests for printout will print a page declaring “account has insufficient funds.”

Free quota can be refilled at a rate of five cents per page, payable in cash or Terrier Card convenience points to members of the lab staff. Payment must be received before the account will be updated.

Free quota balances are reset for the fall semester, and there is no roll-over, or refunding of excess quota from the past academic year. Students should bear this in mind when choosing the value with which they wish to replenish their accounts. See one of the lab’s staff members to pay for additional quota.

Pay Printing

Students with depleted free quota accounts, and all non-free quota users may print to the “SMGPay” printer, at a rate of $.05 per black and white image. Color printing is also available at a rate of $1.00 per color page (Freequota does not apply to color printing). The labs accept cash and Terrier Card convenience points only.

Students without SMG free quota privileges are reminded that all Boston University students have a free print quota account for use in OIT’s computer labs (The Mugar Library). Print jobs cannot be sent between SMG and OIT labs.

Faculty and Staff are not given quotas, but can have their printing paid for with a departmental transfer of funds form. Contact for more details.