Questrom School of Business Curriculum

Transfer students are required to fulfill all degree and residency requirements of the Questrom School of Business.

The sequential nature of the Questrom School of Business curriculum means that most transfer students will need to enroll in a minimum of five full-time semesters in order to earn the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree.  This is due to the prerequisite nature of the business core curriculum.  A SAMPLE semester-by-semester diagram follows.

A transfer student is required to complete a minimum of eighteen (18) four-credit courses, two (2) two-credit course, two (2) Executive Skills Seminars (for a total of 3 credits) at Boston University for the BSBA degree.  Additional coursework may be required depending upon the amount of transferred coursework as all students must reach a credit total of 133 credits.

For a visual of these courses and potential course progression, please click the image below:










For descriptions of these courses, please click here.

Minimum Grade Requirement:

Students must successfully have earned a minimum grade of “C” in five of the following courses, and no less than “C–” in the sixth course, in order to apply these courses toward their BSBA major and advance into 300-level Questrom courses:

  • MA 121 or MA 123 (4 cr)
  • SM 131 (4 cr)
  • SM 132 (2 cr)
  • EC 101 (4 cr)
  • EC 102 (4 cr)
  • BU Hub First-Year Writing Seminar (4 cr)

For all other Questrom courses applied toward the major, students must earn a grade of “C–” or higher.