Step 4:

You can now begin to search for courses to put into your Planner.

A few important points to remember, however, are:

  • All courses at Boston University have a College, Department, Course, and Section assigned to them. For example, as a Questrom School of Business transfer student, you are required to take QST SM131, QST SM132, and QST ES 215 .
    • Some courses have a lecture and a discussion component, and you will need to add both to your Planner.
    • Other courses have only one section (“Independent”) so you will only need to add one section to your Planner.
  • When you are searching for courses to add to your Planner, please pay attention to the instructions next to the blue pushpins in the course listings.
    • If it says you need to register for a lecture and discussion, and it also notes that the sections must match, not only do you need to sign up for both a lecture and a discussion component, you need to follow the matching rule.  That means, if you put a lecture into your planner that is section AA or A1, you need to find a discussion that also begins with the letter A_.  Please note that the Questrom School of Business course lecture and discussion letters do not match, but this will not be typical of other courses.
  • When you search for your additional courses, many times not all available sections will be listed on the first page you see.  Be sure that you click “Continue Search From” at the bottom of each page to see all available options until you no longer see the course number you are trying to find.
  • You can click on the course number (highlighted in red) to see a course description and any pre-requisites.
  • Do not be concerned if you have two classes back-to-back, you will have 15 minutes to get from one course to the next.

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