Every student wants to know: What do I have left to graduate? 

Your Degree Advice Report on the Student Link includes:

  • Courses you need to graduate
  • Courses you can take to fulfill each requirement
  • Courses you have finished, courses you’re in now, and courses you have left
  • Courses that were fulfilled with transfer credit or external test scores

How do I find my Degree Advice Report?

  1. Go to bu.edu/studentlink
  2. Click on Academics, then Academic Advising
  3. Log in
  4. Wait a moment – your Degree Advice Reports will take a few moments to load

What do all of the symbols mean?

  • Checked-off boxes: courses/requirements you have fulfilled
  • “Squiggly” boxes: courses/requirements you are currently working on fulfilling.
    Please note that the box will not become a “squiggle” until you’re in the last portion of that requirement!  In other words, only when you’re in your 4th and final Liberal Arts Elective (Level Bs) will the Liberal Arts Elective box turn into a “squiggle.”
  • Empty boxes: courses/requirements you have not yet fulfilled
An important note about credits!
  • For students entering the Questrom School of Business after September 2011: In addition to fulfilling all other degree requirements, students must complete 136.5 credits if they completed SM121/122, or 134.5 credits if they completed SM299.
  • For students entering the Questrom School of Business beginning in Fall 2013: In addition to fulfilling all other degree requirements, students must complete no fewer than 129 academic credits. Please click here for the restrictions that apply to this rule.
  • When reading your Degree Advice Report, please be aware that there is no corresponding check box for this essential requirement.  It is your responsibility to ensure that, in addition to the mandatory coursework, you also accumulate the necessary number of credits in order to graduate.

What if I still have questions about what I’m supposed to take?

  • Visit an advisor! The Undergraduate Program Office is staffed with full-time academic advisors who are here to answer your questions and help you plan your path to graduation. The footer of this page contains our contact information.

How can I get my concentrations and/or my minor to show up on my Degree Advice Report?

  • Once you declare your concentration(s) and/or minor(s) using the Concentration, Minor and Graduation, you should see them appear on your Degree Advice Report within a few business days.  Dual Degrees will appear as an entirely separate Degree Advice Report.  Click here for information on Minors and Concentrations.

What if something doesn’t look right?

  • YOU are in charge of monitoring your record!  If something doesn’t look right: tell the UPO! Email us at QuestromUPO@bu.edu to resolve any questions and/or discrepancies.

There are several important resources on this website to help you plan your path towards graduation, including:

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