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Back to Questrom Recovery Organization

June 15, 2020

From Susan Fournier, Allen Questrom Professor & Dean

On May 14th, President Brown released his memo and guidebook outlining Phase 1 of returning to on-campus work. Last week, BU launched a new website, Back2BU, to guide our community through these phases.

Since the beginning of this crisis, the Questrom School of Business leadership has engaged in on-going contingency planning. We are now moving to the next phase of our planning to prepare for a return to in-person teaching and work at 595 Commonwealth Avenue. As with the University, the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and guests continues to be our highest priority. BU and Questrom are committed to a robust residential learning experience for AY2020-2021, while adhering to public health and government recommendations. We will carefully balance these tensions as we develop our operational plans.

In order to guide our recovery efforts, we have established the following committees and workgroups to address and implement recovery guidance for Questrom in accordance with guidelines from the University. This is important work and the lifts are heavy. Thank you to all our committee chairs and members for volunteering your talent and time, and for your engagement throughout the summer as we prepare for a successful return in the fall.


Purpose: Develops plans related to budget reductions, financial contingency and reserve planning for the short- and long-term.
Susan Fournier (Chair), Barb Bickart, Frederic Brunel, J.P. Matychak, Marissa Paeglow, Eddie Riedl, Marcel Rindisbacher

Develops strategies for adapting courses and pedagogy to a mixed modality with residential as primary, schedule modifications, staggering & cycling, exceptions to residential expectations for courses, academic integrity

Members: Barbara Bickart (Co-chair, GR), Frederic Brunel (Co-chair, UG), Paul Carlile, Kabrina Chang, Hutch Hutchinson, Eric Jacquier, Andy King, Petro Lisowsky, Paul McManus, Nelia Newell, Norm Blanchard, Greg DeFronzo, Tiffany Enos

LfA Coaches:  Nelia Newell (Lead), Nitin Joglekar, Mark Kean, Peter Marton, Phyllis McGinnis, Paul McManus, Greg Stoller, Ray Wilson

Develop and implement plans related to traffic flow, use of PPEs, room capacities, public spaces, building access, and other public safety measures

Members: Steve Davidson (Co-chair), Hannah Sutton (Co-chair), Alan Cohen, Norm Blanchard, Janelle Heineke, Alison Kirby-Jones, Meghan Mogan, Nelia Newell, Matt Regan, Rick Seaholm, Meredith Siegel, Lucy Van Beever


Purpose: Policies and guidelines related to Questrom Behavioral Lab operations and PhD offices.
Remi Trudel (Co-Chair), Tim Simcoe (Co-Chair), Marcel Rindisbacher, Marta McManus


Purpose: Policies, guidelines, and procedures with regard to staff returning to work in administrative and student services offices, workforce staggering & cycling, and planning events.
Courtney Hudson (Co-chair), J.P. Matychak (Co-chair), Steve Chen, Mark Cohen, Patricia Driscoll, Tiffany Enos, Marta McManus, Meredith Olsen, Matt Regan, Rachel Reiser, Meredith Siegel


Purpose: Policies, guidelines, and procedures with regard to faculty teaching and research
Members: Marcel Rindisbacher (Chair), Department Chairs, Kristen Gallagher

Our committees will work throughout the summer to advance recovery plans for Questrom. Should you have specific concerns or ideas related to a topic covered in one of these workgroups, please communicate with the appropriate chair(s).