Summer 2021 Staff Workplace Adjustment Process

TO: Boston University Staff
FROM: Kenneth Freeman, Interim Vice President for Human Resources
DATE: April 5, 2021

Dear Colleague:

As we prepare to finalize plans for returning to campus for the Fall 2021 semester, we realize that some staff may have a continued need for staff workplace adjustments through Summer Semesters 1 and 2 (through August 13, 2021). In order to streamline the process for the summer, staff who are currently on a Workplace Adjustment for Spring 2021 will not need to apply and re-verify eligibility for the Summer. Each staff member who was eligible for a Spring 2021 workplace adjustment will be automatically verified as eligible for approval for a Summer 2021 workplace adjustment. Unit leaders (Dean/VPs) will receive listings of staff whose eligibility based on a CDC condition has been previously verified.

Unit leaders will then review staffing needs in the context of public health data and unit back-to-campus plans, and have conversations with their staff regarding approval, modification, or denial of the rollover of the Spring 2021 workplace adjustment request into Summer 2021.

Consistent with the process for Spring 2021, the rollover verification of eligibility does NOT guarantee approval of a Summer Workplace Adjustment. Unit leaders are responsible for approval, modification, or denial of the request for Summer 2021.

Staff who did not previously apply for a Workplace Adjustment Request and have recently met the eligibility requirements will be able to apply for a summer Workplace Adjustment Request from April 16, 2021, through May 14, 2021.


Please reach out to the HR Service Center at or call 617-353-2380 if you have any questions.



Kenneth W. Freeman

Vice President – Human Resources ad interim