Increase Your Testing for the Month of April


TO: All Staff
FROM: Kenneth Freeman, Interim Vice President for Human Resources & Ann Zaia, Director Occupational Health Center
DATE: April 8, 2021

Dear Colleague:

In light of rising COVID-19 cases in Boston and increasing reports of variants of concern in Massachusetts, everyone is urged to increase their testing frequency.  Adding a test onto your current testing regimen for the remainder of the month of April will help detect cases sooner and mitigate a potential surge in the BU community.  Please note, your testing compliance will continue to be evaluated based on your testing category as described here. The sooner we detect positive cases the faster we can move individuals who test positive into environments where they can get needed medical attention and prevent spread of the disease.

We hope that with warmer weather we can all move our personal gatherings and socializing outdoors.  We are aware that many people may have still assumed more risk than usual by visiting friends and family outside of their household especially given the many holidays and celebrations that occur in the spring. These types of events, when done outdoors, can greatly reduce the risk of viral transmission.

Please contact COVID-19 Support Line at or call 617-358-4990 if you have any questions.

Be well, stay well, and add your extra test today,


Kenneth W. Freeman
Vice President – Human Resources ad interim

Ann Zaia
Director, Occupational Health Center