• Facilities, Health, & Safety Information

Facilities, Health, & Safety Information

Boston University is developing the policies and guidelines related to the health and well-being of the University’s more than 10,000 faculty and staff working across our three campuses.  Resources and information are available at this site.  The COVID-19 Employee Support Line at 617-358-4990 or covidhelp@bu.edu will continue to be an available resource, as will the Human Resources Service Center at 617-353-2380 or hr@bu.edu.

Information specific to Questrom School of Business is outlined below. For more information on the general plans for the return to campus at Boston University, please visit the Back2BU site

Here are a few key points you should keep in mind as you transition back to Questrom: 

  1. If you have not yet completed your first COVID test, schedule one for your first day back. 
  2. Complete your daily attestation online at www.bu.edu/healthway before you arrive. 
  3. Wear your mask everywhere on campus, including moving between buildings or in the garage. It must cover both your mouth and nose. The only time you may remove it is in your own office with the door closed. 
  4. To enter Questrom, Faculty and Staff should use the west elevators whenever possible. We expect lines at the east elevators.  
  5. If you drive, be sure to review BU’s new parking system 
  6. Once inside, follow all signage and have your ID card ready – 5th and 6th floor outer perimeter hallways will stay card access all semester. 
  7. Grab a wipe – disinfectant wipes are located in stands throughout the building. Wipe your door handle, computer area, and workstation surfaces when you arrive and before you leave. Do the same in a classroom, or if using any shared space. 
  8. To have your office trash emptied, leave your can outside your door. 
  9. Office relocations:  To better de-densify space and serve students, the MBA Center, which was located on the 4th floor will temporarily work out of the MS & PhD Center space this fall, across from the UDC. In addition, the Questrom Registrar Team, which was located to the side of the grand staircase on the first floor, is now working out of suite 422 (Development & Alumni Relations) for the fall semester.  
  10. The UDC, MBA Center, MS & PhD Center, and Feld have worked hard to create plans to serve students on-site and virtually for this fall. Each area will have posted signs directing students to virtual services or how to create an appointment to meet with someone. We have instituted a new text-message based system for appointment arrivals to reduce queue in the offices, and students will wait in the atrium.  
  11. Starbucks is open for mobile orders – download the GrubHub app, create an account, and select Campus Dining. You may also link to your BU Convivence Points! 
  12. Elevator capacity is currently 4 and this may present one of our greatest challenges. There is robust signage directing students to take the stairs for floors 2-4. We are trying to minimize student use of the elevator to reserve it for those who need it, and those traveling to floors 5-6, or temporary classrooms now setup on the 9th floor. All faculty and staff should use the west elevators when possible. 
  13. Stay compliant! You will need to visit www.bu.edu/healthway each day for your symptom check and to schedule your tests. 

Yes! Two masks per person have been distributed to units for staff and have been delivered to faculty offices for those scheduled to teach this fall.  

The building hours are similar to the standard semester and will be: 

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 10pm   

Friday: 7am – 7pm   

Saturday: 8am – 6pm   

Sunday:  11am – 7pm   

You can access the building after hours using your BU ID.

Details on compliance measures for students may be found here and compliance measures for faculty & staff may be found here. 

Through the office of the Dean of students all students will agree to their commitment to remain compliant in order to engage in campus life including accessing buildings, classrooms, or other services. You may view the COVID-19 commitments & expectations for all students, which they must sign, here All students will be able to show a green badge through the Healthway website on their phone showing the date to prove they are currently compliant 

While we will not be checking every person that enters the front doors, faculty or staff may ask to see a student’s green badge at any point. This includes entering classrooms or arriving for advising meetings.  We recommend first showing your badge, and asking students to do the same.  

To report student con-compliance, you may do so through the Dean of Students here. 

Examples of student badges are shown below:

The Pardee Library is now open Monday – Thursday 8 am to 7 pm; Friday 8 am to 6 pm; Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm. Please note that library capacity has been significantly reduced and spaces have been reconfigured to maintain social distancing. If you have any questions about what is currently available on-site, please contact our staff at (617) 353-4301.

For assistance by chat, email, or Zoom, please visit our Ask a Librarian: Business FAQs page.  For information about services and resources available while we are physically closed, please see our Remote Teaching and Learning Guide and Library Resources and Services for Faculty. 

For a general overview of all library services, see our website.  Visit us also at: Twitter: https://twitter.com/BUpardeelibrary  and Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BUpardeelibrary/.  

Starbucks will reopen for the 2021 Spring semester on January 25th. You must use the GrubHub mobile app to place your order in advance and schedule the pickup. Breadwinners will remain closed until further notice. There will be limited space for queue and most seating in Starbucks has been removed to accommodate a required lower density.

The Hariri building has a mechanical ventilation system that has been reviewed and certified for re-occupancy by BU facilities. This review included filter changes, inclusion of outside air, and increased air exchanges within our building, including classrooms. This measurement of air changes per hours is being utilized over a measure of CO2 as it is a more reliable measure of air flow. Significant information has been released to date on this topic, including a BU Today article, and within the Campus Planning & Operations website. 

All reception areas, classrooms, and identified meeting areas will be cleaned nightly. Faculty and staff personal offices will not be entered for cleaning in order to maintain a private space. Therefore, faculty and staff should leave any trash/recycling outside of their doors for collection. It is your responsibility to help keep your desk area clean and safe. High touch surfaces in the building will also be targeted for cleaning throughout the day. In addition, sanitizing wipes will be available throughout the building for your use. These wipes can be used in your office and when using common areas, such as a kitchen. For more details on the products being used and protocols please visit the Campus Planning & Operations website. 

When entering the building we ask that all faculty and staff please use the West elevator bank. The East elevator bank will be primarily used for students. Because of reduced capacity we expect there to be lines for these elevators and faculty and staff would be better served by using the West elevators. If you are entering the building from the parking garage you will only be able to access these West elevators in order to go up to the ground, fourth, fifth, or sixth floors. When you are inside the building please note all capacity limitations, signage, and directional notations.  You may only de-mask when inside a private office with the door shut

The video below provides an in depth look at the facilities changes:


When meeting with someone you should ensure that you are both wearing masks and that you maintain 6 feet of distancing. To enhance the comfort of faculty and staff we will be designating conference rooms and other spaces that you will be able to reserve in order to have one on one meetings with students or colleagues. This will allow you to avoid having any meetings within your private office Because of capacity restrictions, space for larger meetings will be extremely limited.  

If you are meeting with someone, we suggest meeting in a conference room, which will have a capacity of two or slightly higher. 

To reserve a space, visit https://questromworld.bu.edu/forms/room-reservation/.  

Faculty or Staff who feel they will have a frequent presence on campus and need for drop-in use of conference rooms may request a personal account to directly see availability and reserve rooms on their own.  This will provide you will the ability to quickly find and secure a space for informal meetings as needed. To request an account, please email questromreg@bu.edu. 

For any meeting, event, or gathering you must comply with the BU policy on events/meetings and visitors from outside the BU community require approval of the Dean to enter our building.  

A full announcement on reserving space in Questrom is available here 

Credit bearing academic courses are distinct and not subject to the event/meeting policy and may meet subject to the COVID capacity of the room. To reserve a classroom, please visit https://questromworld.bu.edu/forms/room-reservation/. 

Student groups must work with the Student Activities Office to host an event, subject to the restrictions in place. More information is detailed in the Back to BU student life guide here 

Team rooms are open, but most have a reduced capacity of 1; some will hold 2. Other space in the building, such as lounges, also have reduced seating. Given the space limitations in the building, student teams will have to meet digitally.