Faculty Updates

Reminder About Any Post Travel Plans

March 15, 2020

From Marcel Rindisbacher, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Research

Tomorrow, March 16th we will start with the remote delivery of classes. We truly appreciate all your efforts and engagement you have shown to address this challenge.  

Please remain assured that we are committed to help all faculty members to successfully complete their courses and meet the learning goals of all our programs.  We will do everything possible to assist you in all your needs to help students to complete your courses and have a  good learning experience despite the more challenging circumstances.  

We are working on policy guidelines for assessment of course work and exams. We will also provide more information about how to handle classroom participation given that not all students are in the same geographic location etc.  For now, all presentations and exams planned in the first week should be postponed. The first class should be used to help students to settle into the new delivery mode and discuss possible changes to the syllabus required by the remote course delivery mode.  

Some of our students are just coming back from Spring break and/or are traveling home. For some of these students it will be difficult to be on top of things. Please do everything possible to help these students to adapt to the new situation. Please let us know what we can do to help achieve this.

We are indeed facing a challenging situation but are confident that we will be able to manage and help our students to get the education they deserve. We are convinced that the Questrom community is coming out of this stronger and more determined to deliver outstanding programs.