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Below is a list of the Questrom-specific points of contact, as well as a form to submit any Questrom-specific questions or comments.

Questrom Points of Contact

COVID-19 School Lead

J.P. Matychak, Associate Dean | (O)617-358-4915 or (M)617-366-6601

Remote Teaching Coordinator

Greg DeFronzo, Executive Director of Questrom ITS | 617-353-5162

Human Resources 

Courtney Hudson, Director of Personnel | 617-353-5250

Remote Teaching Team

Barb Bickart, Senior Associate Dean for MBA | 617-353-3458

Frederic Brunel, Associate Dean for Undergraduate | 617-353-4609

Steve Davidson, Associate Dean for Decision Support | 617-358-5250

Greg DeFronzo, Executive Director ITS | 617-353-5162

Janelle Heineke, Senior Associate Dean for Master’s Programs | 617-353-2919

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