My CV Resources

Who can I ask for help?

Marie Burrage ( and Kristen Gallagher ( are the My CV liaisons for Questrom, so are the primary points of contact for questions about My CV. For department-specific questions, please contact your department administrator or department chair. For questions about BU’s Open Access policy, please contact BU Digital Scholarship Services at

Access the training materials

The following user documentation is available for you as you work with My CV:

Resources from the Provost’s Office:

  • My CV-New User Checklist: Find it here
  • Information about sources of data in My CV: Find it here
  • Guides and videos for how to enter data into the My CV profile and modules can be found on the Provost’s Office website
  • Information about the External and International Activity Report (EIAR): Find it here
  • A user guide to completing the External and International Activity Report (EIAR) in My CV: Find it here

Questrom-specific resources:

  • Questrom-specific ‘What goes where?’ guide to help you decide where to list various activities within My CV: Find it here
  • Questrom-specific user guide to completing your Faculty Annual Report and Questrom Multiyear Report: Find it here
  • A guide for making records visible/invisible on your My CV and Questrom web profiles: Find it here
  • Merit Review Teaching Evaluation guide: Find it here
  • Secondary Appointment Mid-Year Self Assessment: Find it here