Promotion Process: Lecturer Track

“Lecturer faculty” are full-time faculty who hold the ranks of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Master Lecturer at the Questrom School of Business. The Lecturer role comprises both teaching and service activities, and promotion and merit decisions are determined by performance in these two major areas of responsibility. As is true for professorial faculty on the research track, expectations for levels and types of service vary by rank. Expectations are highest for Master Lecturers, though service is fundamental to all Lecturer faculty.

There exists a structured process by which Lecturers may be considered for promotion as Senior Lecturers, and Senior Lecturers may be considered for promotion as Master Lecturers. The process includes identification of the steps to be followed in the promotion review for lecturer faculty, criteria to be used in assessing promotion, evidence that will be considered in the assessment, and typical deadlines in the promotion cycle. It is hoped that the process will benefit lecturer faculty by (1) providing clarity, transparency and integrity to the promotion process and (2) furthering the professionalization of the Lecturer track.