Making a Reservation in Skedda:

  • Navigate to the room and date for your reservation, and double-click in the grid for your start time. This will bring you in to the New Booking window
    • Date/time – Click on ‘Edit’ near the top right of this screen (in the gray bar). This will expand that section, and allow you to change the date and time of your event, as well as add additional rooms to your reservation. If it’s a recurring event, you can set that in a moment
    • Event details –
      • User – click on ‘Casual User’ and select your name from the list
      • Title – please try to be more specific than ‘meeting’ or ‘seminar’, and please indicate who will be using the space if you are reserving on someone’s behalf.
      • Notes – please add anything that may be useful. We’ll probably talk more later about how we can use this field
    • Recurring event – this is very similar to other calendar systems
    • Then, click the green Confirm Booking You’ll then get a confirmation email. And you’re done!
    • Edit a reservation: You can double-click on a reservation to get back to the booking window and edit your reservation.