Skedda and 25Live:

Skedda is being used to manage room reservations in Questrom Proprietary Rooms (ie many Hariri Building spaces that are not in 25Live), including the following:

  • ELC classrooms on the fourth floor
  • OUR rooms on the weekends (Office of the University Registrar classrooms, ie HAR 105, 2nd/3rd floor classrooms, 404, 406 and 408). All of these rooms appear as ‘unavailable’ except on the weekends because we use 25Live to manage OUR rooms.
  • Room Blocks (ie HAR 105 on weekday evenings, and several others)
  • The Chiles Atrium (this will be the subject of another long email)
  • The Faculty/Staff Lounge (HAR 509)


Skedda and EventPro:

  • Skedda replaces EventPro (Mary’s system) in many ways, and we have been working hard on transferring many reservations from EventPro to Skedda. For now, please proceed with caution! If a space appears as available in Skedda, please loop in Norm, Grace, Emily or me so that we can double-check in EventPro. We’ll be in touch again soon as Skedda becomes a fully reliable source for room availability.