Briana Le ’21

Hometown: San Jose, California

Concentration: MIS


Hi! My name is Briana and I am 1/4 of Questrom’s Senior Slate. I transferred from De Anza College in 2018, and I’m looking forward to graduating in 2021. Along with being part of the QST Gov community, I am also a member of the BizTech Club and a Questrom Transfer Peer advisor. When I’m not in the Questrom bubble, I love to play intramural volleyball, take walks, Facetime my dog, and eat fried chicken. I’m super excited to plan more events for the senior class with the slate!

Vice President of Operations

Quentin Chen ’21

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Concentration: Finance

Dual Degree: Computer Science


My name is Quentin and I am an international student from Canada. Starting in September, it will be my 4th consecutive year serving as the VP of operations for our slate. Over the years, my slate and I have organized many events in hopes that it will improve the experiences of Questrom students, and we are looking to do even better this year.

Vice President of Marketing

Crystal Tang ’21

Hometown: Singapore

Concentration: Accounting


Questrom Student Government was my first experience with on-campus involvement I had at BU. As a transfer student from an art school, I started as Gov’s head designer and that gave me the ability to stay creative in my daily life. Taking on this role also gave me the confidence to become more active in the BU and Questrom community. Currently, I’m on the Senior Slate with some wonderful people and having fun planning events for the senior class.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Veronica Escboar-Mesa ’21

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Concentrations: Strategy & Innovation and Entrepreneurship


I am the Vice President for Student Affairs for the Senior Slate! I love being able to host events and activities to foster our Questrom community. I am looking forward to another great year with my slate!