Questrom’s Sixth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference

Healthcare Integration: A Work in Progress

Friday, November 2, 2018 at the Boston University Questrom School of Business

With a healthcare system plagued by rising costs and inefficiencies, we regularly hear about the promise and hope of integration as the next frontier for creating value for both patients and organizations. We see this integration, both within and between sectors of the health system, in the form of mergers, new care delivery models and insurance structures, and advanced technologies, among other ventures. But what effect have these efforts had on patients and the institutions that surround them? Has this coordination yielded the expected returns on which investors, organizations, and patients are depending? At the 6th Annual Questrom Health & Life Sciences Conference, panelists and speakers representing diverse stakeholders in the US healthcare system will engage in discussions around topics at the center of this push towards integration so that we may begin to understand its impact, both present and promised.