Attendance Verification

Objective: Complete attendance verification project for OUR

Who: All

When: First few weeks of each semester


  1. Download a list of courses for the semester from the Course Planning and Evaluations dashboard
  2. Go into RG37 in UIS for that semester
  3. Copy and paste students’ names and BUIDs that need to be verified in a column labelled students next to each course (not all courses will have students who need to have their attendance verified, so for those courses delete the professor’s email from that row)
  4. Use the word document template located in the Shared Projects->Attendance Verification folder to set up the mail merge
  5. Make sure that the spreadsheet (with the professor emails, course numbers, and students needing to have their attendance verified) has column names that match the names of the mail merge fields
  6. Connect the spreadsheet to the word template using the mailings tab on word
  7. Proofread the mail merge to make sure the fields are populated correctly from the spreadsheet
  8. Send the mail merge
  9. Wait for professor’s to email back and record the student’s attendance in RG37/RG39
  10. Mark as done on the spreadsheet