Concentration, Minor, and Graduation Forms

Objective: To get concentration, minor, and graduation information from students

Who: SPC

When: Throughout the semester; Juniors must declare their concentration by March 1st


  1. SPC receives CMG forms
  2. Graduation information is input into TR01
  3. Concentration and minor information is input into RG23 (B=minor, C=concentration)

Becky DiMattia – November 2017

Concentration Declarations

  1. Juniors must declare their Concentration by March 1 of their Junior year, and since there’s 800+ of them, we nudge them about this throughout February.
  2. Bad juniors: Juniors who do not declare their concentration by March 1st
    • We need them to declare their concentration b/c we need that info to be accurate a few months later, in late May, when we start doing RGRs for the rising seniors.
    • Therefore, we don’t let Bad Juniors register for next semester (RG90, add a fake advising code)
  3. Getting it done:
    • Use this doc for proj mgmt. R:\UDC\Operations\Becky’s Favorite Tracking Spreadsheets Tracking – Juniors Concentration Declarations.xlsx
    • Email anyone who hasn’t declared their concentration and say “fill out the form” – this can come from Meghan, or advisors, with a nice advising component about how to pick a concentration, resources, concentration pop-up series, etc, or it can come from an Ops person and focus on the quick version – you haven’t done this, please do this.
    • Watch as your CMG folder fills up
    • Process CMGs
    • Run the list again and update the tracking doc
    • Email anyone who hasn’t declared their concentration …. repeat this a few times in February til all juniors have declared their concentration.
  4. Typical age-old problem that has not yet been resolved:
    • You: declare your concentration
    • Student: I’m not really a junior, I just have junior standing, I haven’t taken Core yet so I don’t know what I want to concentrate it.
    • Possible answer #1. Ok fine, you don’t have to now, as long as you remember to declare your concentration one year before graduation
      1. This situation wreaks havoc with the next stage of the process, when we have to determine who is a real Bad Junior (can’t register), and who is not a real Bad Junior.
    • Possible answer #2: You wanted to be a junior, so you’re a junior, you don’t get to decide when you don’t really want to be treated like a junior, just fill out the form so I can cross you off my list and stop nagging you.
      1. This is bureaucratic and makes students jump through hoops for no good reason, and it puts them on a concentration list when they may not mean it, but it makes the process nice and tidy.