Cancelling a Course

Becky DiMattia – November 2017

Steps for cancelling a course (after registration has started)

  1. Norm: “please cancel AB123 A1”
  2. You: Close AB123 A1 in CC21 to prevent anyone from adding this course.
  3. You: “Are we dropping all of the students, or switching them all to the B1 section”
  4. Norm: “Great question, if they can fit B1 in to their schedule, switch them to B1, if not, don’t, either way, please email all of the students let them know if you dropped or switch their section”
  5. You: “Do we have another course that we want to put where AB123 A1 was, or will this become an open room” (and see if you can find an advantageous room swap/change”
  6. You:
    1. Run a class roster from the Link, and drop or re-section the students depending on the plan. Email the students about the change to their schedule
    2. Submit a form to Schedules to cancel the course (and let them know in the comments if you have another course you’re planning to put in that spot)
      1. ** when you get the confirmation that this is done, you must tell Ashley Waters in the Deans’ Office that this is done.
    3. In CC43, change the instructor to TBA
    4. Remove the course from the Grid (or replace)
    5. Mark the course as cancelled in CP and change the instructor to TBA