Course Information

See below for details on changing various aspects of “course information”. Course Information includes:

  1. Course department (two letters)
  2. Course number (three numbers)
  3. Course title
  4. Course credits
  5. Course pre-requisite
  6. Course description
  7. Course semester offering (ie Fall or Spring)
  8. Course concentration/program allocation (ie which concentrations and/or programs the course counts for)

When a chair or dean approves a course title change, here are all of the places that we need to change the title, and how:

  1. Master Course Planning spreadsheet – add a row in the Curriculum Change Tracking tab to document the change, and track when you have made the following changes (to be sure you got them all). Also change it in the Master tab, in Column D
  2. UIS – submit Schedules’ Inventory form to change the short title
  3. Link (which feeds in to the Bulletin course listings, the BU Course Search page, and the Course Info Chart spreadsheet, which then feeds in to all Course Info Charts and the MBA Course Schedule on the questromworld websites) – Bulletin Course Descriptions on the Faculty/Staff Link
  4. The Bulletin – To update the bulletin curriculum pages, go to the Bulletin Channel of the QST Bulletin & Program Document Review Team. Before February, make the edit in the Bulletin edits word doc (running list of edits to be made), and after February, find the course in the relevant folder and bulletin page(s) and make the change there.
  5. CoursePlanning – change it in Master Courses in CoursePlanning on QuestromApps
  6. QuestromWorld websites – to change the course title everywhere that it appears on our websites (including Course Info Charts and the MBA Course Schedule charts), update the Course Info Chart spreadsheet, then re-upload. In the Course Info Chart spreadsheet (here – R:\QRO\Course Info Chart) – either re-download Bulletin Course Descriptions from the Link, or make this change manually on the Link Bulletin Dl tab. Check to make sure the edit appears correctly on the One Big Chart tab and the relevant MBA schedule tab. Save then re-upload via TablePress in the QuestromWorld wp-admin for each site – see the Course Info Charts procedures for more details

BD 3/2022