Dean’s List

Objective: Code full-time students with >3.5 GPA as making Dean’s List in UIS


When: End of the semester


  1. DCP makes a list of full-time students who have earned 3.5 or above GPA for the semester
  2. DCP also makes a “limbo” list of students with incomplete grades who could possibly make Dean’s list once their grades have been put in
  3. SPC goes into RG33 for each Student on Dean’s list and changes their code from 10 to 30
  4. SPC then downloads a list of students from that semester including reg status/codes then does proofreading using VLOOKUP to make sure that all of the students on deans list have been coded as such and all the students coded as deans list are actually on deans list
  5. SPC then continues to check the grades of the students in Limbo until they all have their grades in. If their grades are put in and they have >3.5 they are coded as making dean’s list