Objective: To register a student for DS class – this is a course where the student pursues independent research under the guidance of a QST faculty member.

Who: AR

When: Most of them will come up in the first few weeks of the semester, but they trickle in year round.


  1. Student fills out form: https://questromworld.bu.edu/grad/forms/ and submit to MBA Center or the Master’s and PhD Center.
  2. This form will be sent to AR directly or questromreg@bu.edu.
  3. Check to make sure the form has the necessary signatures: Student, Faculty and Department Chair.
  4. Go to CC21 for correct semester to see if course is on schedule already. 899 for Grad, 999 for PhD. An AC directed study would be AC899 or AC999 for example.
  5.  Check to see if a section exists with the correct faculty member.  If yes, register the student for that course and section. If no, go to next step.
  6. If not course or section do not exist – tell Becky (insert job title/initials here) what course and section number you need built and she will submit a request with Schedules
  7. When the course/section are opened – go to CC43 to assign the instructor. Under the section that says Worksheet Name in the correct row, put a question mark then type in the last name of the professor – X to select.
  8. Register student and notify MBA Center or Master’s and PhD Center that it is complete.