Grade Reminders

Objective: To make sure all grades are submitted in a timely fashion

Who: Assistant Registrar

When: 72 hours after final (or 72 hours after course ends in the case of intensives and specialized courses like ES310)


  1. To see what grades are still pending – RG41 in UIS
  2. In RG41 – put M for campus and X Outstanding Webgrading Grade Sheets and X Screen Display
  3. Courses/Profs that have no date listed should be contacted about submitting grades
  4. Courses/Profs that have a date listed have 72 hours after that date.
  5. To confirm that grades have been submitted – X Grade Sheets Completed on RG41 main screen

Objective: To make sure grades are updated and correct in a timely fashion

Who: Assistant Registrar

When: When the request comes in.


  1. Email and CC self with the following information:Student Name:
    BU ID#:
    Course (with section):
    Faculty Name:
    Grade was:
    Grade should be:
    Reason for change:
  2. File copy to self and original request in grade change request folder in Outlook
  3. When the OUR responds confirming change is made – check UIS to confirm and notify professor or original requestor
  4. Put grade change info on grade change spreadsheet in correct month tab. AR will email this spreadsheet to Barb Bickard, Frederic Brunel and Paul Carlile.

Becky DiMattia – November 2017

Incomplete Grades:

  1. Two weeks before finals: (so, end of first week after Thanksgiving): For students who still have unresolved incomplete grades from Spring or Summer 2017, reach out to the faculty/student to be sure that there’s a plan in place for the student to resolve the grade by the end of the semester (ie the student has made arrangements to attend the final exam)
    • Go to SC88, enter SPRG 2017, QST for College of the Class, I for report type, then X on Screen display just to glance at how big the list is
    • Back on SC88 screen, x on Downloadable Extract File. Make a note of the Output Data Name
    • Wait a few mins, the report can sometimes take a sec to generate
    • Go to the Link, go to Other Resources (far right, top), go to UIS Mainframe File Services, click on the button next to ‘SO.USER.QST-your-username’, click submit
    • You should see the report with the Output Data Name you made a note of. If it’s not there, wait.
    • Remove all of the columns you don’t need, like students’ addresses (this is an old report, from back when we were crazy enough to send physical mailings about these issues)
    • Look up each student to wrap your head around their situation, especially reading the relevant Notes.
      1. Chances are, an advisor is already involved in the situation, so keep that person in the loop
      2. Remember – students on LOA have until the end of semester in which they return
    • Email the faculty member … remember, you have a student from last semester who has an incomplete grade, is there a plan for completion, has the student been working on it? etc. This should trigger the faculty member to reach out to the student to inform him/her of when the final exam is, and that the student must attend.
      1. Copy email in to student’s Notes
    • Depending on the situation, you may want to reach out to the student instead of the faculty member (ie if it’s clear that the faculty has already tried)
  2. During finals week (and as grades start to roll in). You want to know about incomplete grades as they are being submitted so that you can collect info about them for future use, and for Notes. Monitor SC88 for the Fall 2017 incomplete grades. If they haven’t already, ask those faculty to submit the Incomplete Grade Report form –
    • Chances are, Meghan and/or Rachel are already WELL aware of the situation, so check Notes first to see if the prof has already communicated ‘incomplete grade report stuff’ to MM or RR (ie what the student is missing, when they plan to resolve it, etc.)
    • Enter Notes for each Incomplete Grade Report … might be easier to do this all at once after all grades/reports are in (ie right before break, or right when you get back)… it’s ok to hold off a short while on entering Notes, but others may also need to know what’s going on
  3. After the semester is over (right before break, or right when you get back), any unresolved incomplete grades from Spring or Summer 2017 should now change to an F.